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The Fairways, an apartment complex in the Village of Pelham Manor, is housed in a stately Tudor building with pre-war construction. Its name is derived from its location which borders the golf course of the Pelham Country Club.

The 72 units were converted into condominiums in 1996 and are now governed by The Fairways Condominium Association. A diverse population enjoys the amenities of spacious rooms, oak floors and unique fireplaces.

Our community is one of active voluntarism where residents help maintain the integrity of the complex through vigilance and cooperation. Many bring a variety of professional skills to work on projects with outstanding results. In an effort to maintain such advantages, this website has been designed to answer questions and outline responsibilities that will most certainly help all enjoy a high quality of life.

The Fairways Condominium
914 Wynnewood Road
Pelham Manor, NY 10803

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Property Managed by Platzner International Group, Ltd.