Reprinted from Westchester County Government's website:

Recycling is the law.  As of now, if your recyclables are commingled with your garbage, they will not be picked up and you'll receive a red sticker.

Don't let your garbage be left behind.  Make recycling a priority.  Please keep glass, plastics, metal and paper (including newspaper, magazines, catalogs and junk mail) out of your garbage.

Read the Quick Reference Guide to understand general recycling rules.  A Spanish version of the guide is also available. You can also call the Recycling Help Line at (914) 813-5420 for more information or if you have additional questions.  Many household items can be safely disposed of at one of our Household Recycling , Mobile Shredder or E-Waste days.

If your city, town or village sanitation department picks up your recyclables, can contact your Municipal Recycling Office directly.  If you have a private hauler, contact them.  If you live in an apartment building, your building manager or superintendent can tell you how trash should be separated in your building.

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